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Mahaguthi Craft with Conscience is a not for profit, WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade Organization which produces, markets and exports Nepal’s crafts. Mahaguthi serves both domestic as well as international markets and has two shops based in the Kathmandu Valley. Our organization represents the efforts of more than one thousand individual producers, fifty percent of whom are from remote and mountainous areas. Most of our producers are women who are given the chance to employ traditional skills in their own homes, thus enabling them to generate extra income. Your each purchase from Mahaguthi directly helps the people involved in every step of supply chain as 68% of the sales go back to the artisans of the products.

Nepalese Paper Crafts ( Lokta Paper )

Red Panda Print Notebook


Easter Egg Design Notebook


Three Flower Range Notebook


Petal Flower Range Notebook


Diamond Shape Gift Box


Expression Print Notebook


Shashiko Range Notebook


Face Print Notebook


Mahaguthi Kupondole Shop with Teej (Women’s festival in Nepal with red color appearance) Theme Display.

More than 600 Products available at Mahaguthi.


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20 Apr 2018
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