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Tin Box Khutruke (coin box)

Tin Box Khutruke (coin box)

  • a locked receptacle to store the coins inserted in a coin-operated device
  • Coin Box
  • Mithila Painting
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Mithila Painting

The indigenous art work of the Mithila painting is seen in the most households of the Mithila territory. They are in the Southern Terai of Nepal. It’s a traditional skill of Mithila women and painting roaming around their daily life. They are such as god, goddesses, and animals as well as during various festivals and occasions. During marriage a room “Kohar” is in paint and is the place to keep new couples.


The unique traditions depict the religious belief of “Ramayan” . This is where many households decorate their house wall with this painting. This is when they have especial celebration. Now the traditional skill manifests in many utilities products and decorative items, which is providing more employment opportunities for disadvantages women that helps to uplift the socio economic status of women (who does not have any other income opportunity).

Involvement of Mahaguthi is from the beginning to promote market of these products thus providing fair price, design support and other professional service to the Janakpur women.


About Coin Box

Coin box are the small box where we can keep our coins and money. These box are use to store coins and cash specially for the purpose of savings.