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It was followed by a training from external consultant on what is quality? who is responsible for quality improvement and how we can improve the quality.

Ms. Inge Op Ten Berg from FTO Netherlands facilitated quality exercise. She explained quality from buyers perspective and reinforced the need of quality improvement at every level.

The program was concluded with group commitment for the quality and formation of groups for quality improvement.

On the occasion of World Fair Trade Day 2008, “Open House” was organized featuring new “Banzai” collection in home textile, paper and ceramics. Ms. Bhadra Kurari Ghale, President of Nepal Charkha Pracharak Gandhi-Tulshi Smarak Mahaguthi inaugurated the event. Visitors appriciated new designs.

Likewise, to celebrate the WFTD, a musical concert was organized. The fair trade song made by AFTF was composed and played. During the program President, Ms. Rita Thapa falicitated Best Producers with Father Watrin Best Producer Award and cash prizes.

“Wall Painting” on Environment was performed by children of Producers and Staffs at Production premises. The kids were given orientation about environment and asked them to paint whatever they like. The children age between 4 to 11 participated in the programme.

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