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Wooden Comb (Large)

Wooden Comb (Large)


Some Other Wooden Products in Mahaguthi

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About Wooden Comb


Wooden Combs are the hair comb that is made by wood. These combs are better and beneficial for your hair than other plastic combs. The smooth finish of the wooden comb will glide through your hair much more effectively than plastic or metal. There is no static electricity buildup. The harder, or more dense the wood is, the less static buildup that occurs, which means a fuller, healthier look. Combing your hair with wooden comb daily is the best way to maintain soft, shiny and strong hair. … Neem wood comb has many benefits like it doesn’t allow fungal growth. Getting rid of these fungal growth will lead to reduction in dandruff.Wooden combs are very gentle and soft on your hair and scalp.


Some Other Wooden Products in Mahaguthi


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