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Stoneware Plastic Design Glass

Stoneware Plastic Design Glass

This Stoneware glass is very uniquely design to replace plastic glasses, it looks like Crushed plastic glass and it is Eco-friendly product. Handmade on wheel is it’s added feature.

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 About Ceramic

Ceramics can be defined as heat-resistant, nonmetallic, inorganic solids that are (generally) made up of compounds formed from metallic and nonmetallic elements. Traditional ceramics are in use in dishes, crockery, flowerpots, and roof and wall tiles.

The art of making clay pottery is as old as human civilization. This age-old tradition of making clay pottery still exists in our societies. It still possesses strong socio-cultural values in our livelihood. Despite of all influences of modernization and development, the potters of Kathmandu Valley still find their livelihood on their potter’s wheels.


About Ceramic Glass

A glass is a type of cup without handle which we typically use for drinking beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, water, or tea and other drinks. Ancient glasses were usually carved in wood or bone, or shaped of clay, while most modern ones are made of ceramic materials such as bone china, earthenware, porcelain, or stoneware.


Why Ceramics?

The general properties of ceramic material present the following advantages: High wear, heat, pressure, and chemical attack resistance (gas and liquids) Extreme hardness. Excellent electrical insulation. The bonding of atoms together is much stronger in covalent and ionic bonding than in metallic. That is why, generally speaking, metals are ductile and ceramics are brittle.


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