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Petal Flower Range Photo Frame

Petal Flower Range Photo Frame

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About Lokta Paper

Nepali Handmade Paper making is 2000 years old technique. It is one of the ancient traditional crafts from the Himalayan Nation of Nepal. The Daphne Bush (Lokta) use in its production is found at the altitude of between 6500 ft. to 9500 ft and people harvest Daphe tree every two to three years. People keep Daphe tree alive by cutting a foot long stem from the ground, thus to protect ecological balance.

Mahaguthi, Craft with conscience has been dedicated for more than a decade to support low income and economically deprived producers of Nepal. Proceed from the sales of this products will go to support the rehabilitation of the disadvantaged woman and children as well as producers of Nepal.

About Photo Album

A photographic album, or photo album, is a series of photographic prints. It is a collection by an individual person or family in the form of a book. Specially made from Lokta paper, this photo album is an unique one. Other albums are made up of leather, glasses and dry mounted plastic cover pages. However this lokta paper photo album is rarely found and adds extra value to our Nepali paper products. Using such products would boost the use of Nepali products than the other ones.


Some Lokta Paper Products at Mahaguthi


Some Benefits of Lokta Paper:

1.  It is completely Eco friendly. It includes process such as hand making and sun drying and has no effect on the environment
2. Soft sensational feeling and attractive texture
3. Able to withstand to insects and is germ-free
4. Extremely durable and strong
5. Easily fold able
6. Easily Dy able with any color
7. A bit more resistant to water than other papers
8. Can be easily recycle
9. Can be use to wrap to retain the potency of incense, spices and medicine
10.Can be use to make a lot of products including FRAMES, PENCIL STANDS, NOTEBOOKS, BAGS etc