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Naglo Design Pala Bowl

Naglo Design Pala Bowl


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About Ceramic

Ceramics are heat-resistant, nonmetallic, inorganic solids. They are (generally) of compounds from metallic and nonmetallic elements. Traditional ceramics are used in dishes, crockery, flowerpots, and roof and wall tiles.

The art of making clay pottery is as old as human civilization. This age-old tradition of making clay pottery still exists in our societies. It still possesses strong socio-cultural values in our livelihood. Despite of all influences of modernization and development, the potters of Kathmandu Valley still find their livelihood on their potter’s wheels.


About Bowl

bowl is a round dish or container which is typically use to prepare and serve food. This makes bowls especially suited for holding liquids and loose food, as the contents of the bowl are naturally concentrated in its center by the force of gravity.

A Pala bowl is a small plate size bowl. We can use it in our dinner set as well as individually. We can keep cut fruits, yogurt, salad, and such other small items in this pala bowl. It is specially used besides a large dinner plate for keeping pickles, ghee amd other side foods that we have with the main course.


Some other Ceramic Products