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MAC Dalle Thaili

MAC Dalle Thaili

  • Money Pouch
  • Coin Purse
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About Thaili

Thaili is basically a money pouch or small money bags. Money pouches are usually dub money belts, but they’re quite different from the ones that actually look like belts. They’re a pouch that you secure around your waist or neck and you can’t see them if you’re wearing baggy clothes. are a must-have for any woman to own. These small accessories hold change and cash and many can hold your lipstick and credit cards. Whether you prefer to carry one in lieu of a purse or keep one filled with change tucked inside your handbag, these little purses serve a purpose.


You can wear the pouch over your stomach for ease of access, but if you find it more comfortable, slide it around to the small of your back. Some people prefer to use a neck pouch, worn like a necklace but under a shirt, or a hidden pocket, which loops onto your belt, then tucks in behind it.