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Felt Makeup Kit Set Purse

Felt Makeup Kit Set Purse

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About Felt

Felt is a process where a kind of cloth made by rolling and pressing wool or another suitable textile accompanied by the application of moisture or heat, which causes the constituent fibers to mat together to create a smooth surface.

Nepal has a significant history of making products from felt. But due to the dependency of raw material to other country, we are using wool from European market. Most of our products are daily utilities base products such as shoes, table ware, home decor and accessories. We, Mahaguthi are providing design support, market excess and financial support to uplift our felt artisans. Most of our artisans are women from marginalized community of Nepal.

Felt has a long history and is the very old form of cloth. In addition, Many culture people use felt. As a material for clothing, footwear, rugs and even tents. Felt is in use in many of the ongoing projects at present.


Purse originally refers to a small bag for holding coins. In many English-speaking countries it is still in use to refer to a small money bag. It makes easy to carry or small essential things with us.

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