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Dhaka Coin Purse

Dhaka Coin Purse

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About Dhaka

Dhaka is a traditional fabric of the indigenous Limbu people of eastern Nepal. At present it is gaining popularity in all cultures and around the world. It has its origins in Terhathum district of Nepal. People from this generation teach the next generation about the tradition of making Dhaka. Dhaka fabric represents Limbu cultural dress. Further more, the Nepali topi of men and traditional Nepali women shawls are some popular Dhaka fabric products.

Short History of Dhaka Fabric

Dhaka is a textile that holds special significance in Nepal. It was once only made in a place called Palpa, in Western Nepal. It is where it get its name from that is Palpali Dhaka. Funnily enough, Dhaka is actually the capital of Bangladesh. Back when Prime Minister Junga Bahadur Rana ruled Nepal (1846-1877), his daughter Dambar Kumari lived in Banaras (Varanasi) in India. She liked to use Chamua Dhaka cloth for her clothes. This particular fabric was adapted from a textile called Dhaka that was hand-woven in, Dhaka, then in the undivided Indian province of Bengal. This cloth was fine, soft and quite colorful, and Dambar Kumari loved it.


What is a Coin Purse?

A coin purse is a portable container usually a pouch with a button or zip closure. We use them for holding money. We can keep both cash and coins in it. But specially coins are kept in these coin purse.